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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jane

attached is a rough sample

create a number variable e.g. (qNum).  Add a trigger on the master to add 1 to variable when timeline starts on the slide.

On each quiz slide have a text box with Question %qNum% of 10. 

On result slide if you are allowing review or retry add trigger to reset variable to zero.

Hope this helps

Wendy Farmer

If you look at my sample file.  Click the View > Slide master tab and you will see 5 layouts.  The quiz slide layout has the trigger for the qNum, if you choose the blank layout or another layout for your instruction slides that trigger won't be on there so it won't affect the qNum variable


Wendy Farmer

Hi Jane

I've downloaded the file and made these changes to triggers:

Here is Peek of it working

What I normally do is put the Review button on the success layer (and fail layer at end of attempts if you want them to be able to) and the Retry button on the fail layer.  I don't have either of these buttons on the base layer - just reduces the number of triggers.


Result slide base layer

Result - success layer

Result - failure layer