How to bring incorrect drag and drop to try again in Storyline 2?

Feb 04, 2016

Does someone know how to bring incorrect answers back? 

I saw some old posts here (3 years ago) and I was wondering if now it's already possible... (

I have several sticky notes (each one is grouped: sticky note picture + text on the top) to be dragabble in one folder.

If learner click Try Again (2 attempts) only wrongly placed Drag able items should return back to the normal/start position. The correctly placed drag should remain where they are dropped.

I found this tutorial but it's not working... maybe it's because it is not to drop the dragabble items in only one place...

I tried to use variables and it seems impossible to make ONLY the incorrect answers back to their spot.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks, Val

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Val -- Thanks for reaching out here! I know you mentioned having come across some other threads that posed similar questions, but have you had an opportunity to check out this one, by chance?

Please let us know if the suggestions offered there will do the trick for what you have in mind. Or, if not, you are welcome to share you file so members of the community might take a look and offer some other ideas. :)

Valdete Ceolin

Hi Christie,

Thanks a lot! Unfortunatly Katie removed the file from Google Drive (link she posted). I would love to see if she found an easier way...

Yesterday I found a good solutions hidden the stick notes if variable is true. But I had to have 3 time the same image of each sticky note (wrong answers), so it's a lot of work... 

I created the original sticky note in the start point, I duplicated this one at the same place with initial state hidden and I created another one in the Try Again layer that will appear only if the variable is false. 

If the learner drop on the folder the wrong sticky note the variable will be false, so everything that I explainned above will happen. 

It was my solution, than we have the illusion that the sticky notes are returning to their spots, but I'm not sure if would work if we had to record score on the LMS. Thank God that I don't need to record score for this activity. Hahaha!

I hope this can help others... But if someone has a different way to solve this problem, please let me know!


Christie Pollick

Hi, Valdete -- Many thanks for your reply, and if you would like to reach out to Katie directly with follow up questions, you are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' link on her profile page. :)

And thanks so much for describing the solution you discovered! If you are comfortable with sharing your file here in the community, it would be great if you could upload it here so others can get a better look at the set up that worked for you!

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