How to change/redirect the Exit button (cross icon) when closing


one question!!

In our situation, our learner enters a "course Menu" and then click to enter one of the courses.

When the learner exits the course, he clicks the cross icon on the top of the window, it closes the course, it is closing all the windows and exit all.

We wish that the learner would be redirecteded to the first course (window, Menu).

In this case, is it possible to change the direction of the Exit/Cross button of the course in the player/interface so that when it is clicked it is not exiting all but going back to the Menu course?

Thanks a lot for any help


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julie,

Not while using any built-in features no. If you're comfortable with coding, perhaps someone can help you with JavaScript or some other option for the "X" close button.

Another option would be to place some hint text and a custom button in the slide (or even a Master) that would jump the learner back to your main menu slide.

Would love to hear of some other options for this - let us know how it goes!



Phil Mayor

Do you mean the browser close button as there is no X in the corner of a Storyline course unless of course you are using lightbox slides.

I personally don't think you should prevent a user from closing a browser window.

Sounds like your course is opening in a new tab and the user is closing the browser, normally though you get a warning asking if you want to close this tab or the whole browser.

Julie B.

Hey Christine, Hey Phil¨,

Thank you for your answers.

Sorry i was not clear enough: Yes I was speaking of the browser window, the cross button/closing button in the browser.

We wish the learner to be back to a course (the first course he enters as this is a selection menu) when the learner close the course clicking on this cross icon, closing the browser window.

I have receivedcoding that could be applied (but too tech savvy form me unfortunately):

"To have the possibility, when launching the training, to always come back to the page Menu and not the last sco,
the following SCORM command should be sent before the “terminate” command to the API :
SCORM2004_CallSetValue control ("adl.nav.request", "exitAll");
SCORM2004_CallSetValue ("adl.nav.request", "exit"); "....

At the same time,before entering code and making changes, .... I am also wondering if I misunderstood some of the Player Properties: Maybe I need to change some checkmarks here to make this redirection in the LMS between courses?

thanks a lot....