'Exit course' trigger removed and LMS not receiving results

Aug 01, 2013


I created a course which sent the results to the LMS correctly. However, an 'exit course' trigger on a button on the results slide wasn't closing the window, so I removed it and created a message asking the learner to close the window manually. Now the results aren't being delivered to the LMS. I believe that the course doesn't need to have an 'exit course' trigger, so why would this be happening?


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Lil Monk

Hi Ashley.

I've had someone at my help desk change the line of code as suggested. These changes have been tested on the LMS and neither change has helped.

I have a quiz in my course, so I'm guessing that the second link you've provided doesn't apply to my situation.

I had already updated the player settings to open in a new browser window prior to deciding to remove the button altogether, so that step has also been taken.

Can I send this file privately to be checked out? If so, can you please tell me how to do this?

Thank you.

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