How to change the screen capture frame rate

Aug 15, 2013

We are working to publish HTML5 eLearning that includes a video presenter and synced text/graphics. It was recommended that we:

Issues with video in HTML5 have been previously reported.  Since you would need to sync your slide and your video, one workaround would be to record the entire slide as a video.  You can  use the recording feature of Storyline to record a published version of your slide that includes the video.

We have done that, but have noticed that the screen recording has a reduced frame rate compared to original video. How can we increase the frame rate to 30 fps?

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Jack F

Hi, just came across this post on a search, as I'm having some issues with frame rate too.

I have a HTML5 animation that I'm capturing to video with Storyline, but the resulting movie is definitely a little choppy. The metadata of the outputted video file says it's at 25 fps, but I get the feeling Storyline isn't capturing at that rate. Can anyone confirm this?


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