How to check if all slides have been viewed?

Jun 12, 2015

Hello all,

I soliciting some advice on how best to handle this situation.

I have a stand alone course (no LMS) w/ 40+ slides.

Locking down the navigation is not an option.

For arguments sake, on the very last slide, I would like to display a message based on if all the slides in the course have been viewed or not.

If all the slides have been viewed, I display one message.

If any have been skipped, I would like to display a different message.

What I want to avoid is having to make a variable for each slide and set it to viewed via trigger on the timeline start.  Then on the last slide check all 40+ variables to see if they have all been viewed.

How would you tackle this?



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Gary Collins

Can't think of anyway to not create a variable for each slide.

You could create 2 triggers on each slide.

1. Add 1 to 'TotalSlidesVisited' if 'SlideVisited' is equal to 'False'.

2.  True/False variable for each slide. When the slide is visited set a variable 'SlideVisted' to true. The next time they visit the slide it won't add to your total because it will be set to true.

This way on your last slide you only need to check if the total slides viewed are equal to the total number they need to visit.

John Nixdorf

In the example above created one slide as follows:

  • Created a button called Marker
  • Created a variable called SlidesVisited with initial value = 0
  • Created a trigger that adds 1 to SlidesVisited when the timeline starts is Marker's state is not equal to Visited
  • Added a player trigger that changes the state of Marker to Visited when the user clicks the Next button.

So, the first time the participant lands on the slide, SlidesVisited is incremented by 1. When the participant clicks Next, the state of Marker is changed to visited so that the next time the participant lands on the slide, SlidesVisited is not incremented (now that I think of it I should add another trigger that changes the state of Marker to Visited when the user clicks Previous too).

Then duplicate however many slides you need.

Then on the final slide added a trigger that changes state of Marker to Visited when the timeline starts. This variable is placed below the trigger that increments SlidesVisited. This way if the participant goes back to a previous slide, SlidesVisited won't be incremented again when the participant gets back to the final slide.


Rob Verzera

John - very interesting idea - let me play around w/ that.  I wonder if that is something that can be put on the master slide,  ill have some free time later and give it a shot.

One of the other goals here is to not have to worry about doing something on every slide - so if you add a slide and dont add the button - it breaks.  But if something like this can be done on the master slide - that would work (need to check how states are handled from a master slide standpoint)

I like the little out of the box thinking there.  Great suggestion - thanks.

Keep them coming.

Winke Wieers

I tried both possibilities (see attachments):

  • Marker_visited_all: with an icon on each slide with states NotVisited and Visited
    (John's idea)
  • Marker_visited_slide_master: icon and triggers on the slide master
    (Rob's idea)

But in both cases he is adding 1 to the variable SlidesVisited also when you visit a slide that you already visited before (see the variable at the bottom of the slide Navigation). So he's not counting correctly and you can stop the e-learning too soon.

What am I doing wrong? Suggestions?

Winke Wieers

Hello Leslie,

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I already used variables in a file, but now I have a file of 100 slides and I don't want to create 100 variables for that.

So that's why I liked the idea of using an icon with states so much, because this takes less time to create. If you then copy the slide with the icon on it (or even better have it on the slide master), you don't have much work anymore. If you use variables, you have to create a variable for each slide...


Norma Kaplan

Leslie - I have a case #  #01008586.  I followed the directions from your Marked_visited_all and unfortunately when the Learner doesn't visit all the slides and goes to the Wrap-up from the menu, my "notdone" layer does NOT appear.  I've heard back once from Support (this morning), not since then.  How can I check to see if they are looking at my case?  Thanks.

Norma Kaplan

Trigger issueLeslie - I thought my course was working and once I visited a slide, my check mark changes while i"m there, but when I come back to the slide through a menu, the check mark goes back to gray(it's original color).  In the example above, I noticed that you had the checkmark change once the user clicked the next button.

My issue is that I am using a special interface (developed by someone else and is delaying everything I do) where I cannot do that.

My question is - will the checkmark only change if I click something?  Currently I have it change its state when it reaches a certain time in the timeline.

Thanks for any help. 

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