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May 08, 2014

Newbie here -- I am writing a course where I want to ensure that all of the slides have been clicked on before the user can exit the course.  I would like to keep the menu bar on the left, but I am not sure how to set option so that the user can't bypass everything and click the last slide to exit.  I know I can take the menu navigation off to do this, but I would like to keep it case someone wants to go backwards to review.  Is there a variable I could write to make sure the user can't click the exit button on the last slide to exit unless all the previous slides have been viewed?

Thanks for your help!

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Bruce Graham

Alexandros Anoyatis said:

There are ways to do that, I can even point you to a template I have created, but does it really serve a purpose?

The user may not be able to exit via an "exit" button in Storyline, but he will be able to do that via the LMS (if the course is hosted on a LMS) or just by closing the browser window.

...or just turn the PC off which I have seen

Juliet - do you have ANY flexibility to build the course a different way, as this unfortunately is a pretty hated way (by the learners...) of developing a course. I know and appreciate that many organisation are still stuck in this model, but if you DO have any flexibility, alternatives to the "You WILL complete the course!" model are available.

Clicking on a button does not mean they will learn anything, or do anything differently, which is (presumably) what you are trying to achieve here.

Helen Tyson

Hi Juliet

There's a couple of things you can do to try and drive this behaviour:

  • You can restrict the use of the sidebar menu by selecting Home>Player>Menu and then opening the cog icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting Restricted Navigation. This will mean that users need to move forward through the course using the navigation  you set and can't click forward in the menu, they will however be able to click backwards using the menu and see things they've already seen.
  • Also, you could hide the appearance of the Exit button on the final slide until the end of the timeline, either by physically dragging it to the right of the timeline, or by setting it's initial state to Hidden in the States panel and creating a trigger to change it's state to normal when the timeline ends.

Having said all that, there is very little you can do to stop someone simply closing the course window if they want part way through.



Juliet Hewitt

Your template would be much appreciated.  My course actually exits to a home grown LMS that my company has.  That system will ensure that the user has to complete some steps before they get completely out of the course to get the credit they need for taking the training.

I was thinking that I could just create some sort of variable for the exit button that said something like "exit only is slides 1-xxx equal to true".  I need to do some more digging into understanding how to use variables.


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