how to close articulate course

Sep 05, 2018


If we publish articulate course in web format and in HTML5.

And if we upload file on server and access the course, it remains open in browser.

And if learner reopens browser its there. But the problem is we have web object which handles session and if learner opens it after long time, session got killed but the course continue to play. just want to ask how to close course automatically if learner minimizes mobile browser window?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kamlesh. Happy to help!

From what I understand, you'd like to have your learners exit the course. If that's right, could having an Exit course trigger in your course be an option?

Here's a sample project to show you how it works! Keep in mind that you may find that the Exit course trigger may not function as expected, but these tips can help to circumvent the issue.

If that's not quite right, could you share your .story file with me? I'd love to take a close look at your content to see what I can offer. Thanks!

Kamlesh J

Thanks for reply. Yes I know Exit Course button. My problem is when we publish articulate course in web and upload on server without LMS. And if we access the course and minimise mobile browser or close browser. course is there in browser asking for resume course. My problem we are maintaining session in jsp and if learner opens after long time session got killed and we are not  able to track it in .jsp web object


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kamlesh,

If a learner minimizes the browser, that won't force the course to close. This may be something that you could implement using Javascript, but I'll have to leave that in the hands of the community as it's outside my area of knowledge. 

I'd also caution that depending on the browser, level of security implemented, etc. it may not read or adhere to your browser close requests. 

Feel free to keep the community posted on your progress! 

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