How to control restart screen course title position - Storyline 360

Apr 09, 2021

Is there any way to control the positioning of elements for the default restart screen in Storyline 360 (Course title, resume button, restart button)? When publishing a course on 2 different machines, we are finding that the Course Title shifts from being positioned in top left screen to middle of screen.

How can we force title to be positioned in upper left of screen?

And related, sometimes background is black and other times grey. Can this be controlled for consistency?

Both viewed in Google Chrome

Storyline 360 V3.50.24668.0

See screenshots for example (yes, these screenshots are 2 different languages, but the issue is across the board no matter which course, which language).




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Leisa!

I appreciate you sharing both screenshots! To be completely transparent, this has stumped me! I've tested a course on my end, and I only see the title in the middle. The title never appears in the upper left corner, whether I'm launching the course for the first time or relaunching it. 

Are you publishing the course using the same version of Storyline 360 on both machines? Additionally, are the player properties the same in both courses?

There isn't a way to configure the title on the prompt to resume page. It should appear in the middle when launching the course.

I'm eager to troubleshoot this issue with you!