How to control the Slide Navigation ?

Nov 13, 2013

Dear Team,

Regarding the default Slide navigation controls provided in storyline " PREVIOUS, NEXT & SUBMIT ."

1) i would like the NEXT Button to populate only after the completion of the voice over on a slide ? this is to ensure the learner goes through the slide and listens to it completely without giving him a choice to skip the slide by clicking the NEXT button.

I am aware of creating a NEXT button on every slide and adding a Trigger to apply the logic as above and disabling the default NEXT button

However i want to know how to use the Slide Navigation buttons to work the same way?

2) With PREVIOUS button - I would like to use the PREVIOUS Navigation slide button to do the following.

The Learner should be able to go back only to those slides that has the course content and not take him to the slides which has assessments instead of choosing previous to go back to all the slides?

And again I can achieve the 2nd logic also by creating new previous button/Trigger and decide which slide to take him when he clicks previous.

How do i use the PREVIOUS button in the slide Navigation to work as above ?

Could you please advise me on this?

Thanks & Regards


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Mike Taylor

Hi Thanuja and welcome to the community! 

Although you can't show & hide the Next button you can put a condition on it so that it will only work when that condition is met. You can easily do that by editing the trigger associated with the next button. So in your example you could set it up so that the Next button wouldn't work until the narration has completed. (It would still be there just not active until then.)

Similarly for the PREVIOUS buttons you can change where that button jumps to by just editing the trigger associated with it. So for slides following assessments you could change it from "Previous Slide" to whatever was the last content slide prior to the assessment. 

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