How to create multiple graded questions with player life count in Storyline?

Sep 23, 2022

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a quiz for my course, please see below for the requirements:

  • Total 10 questions. (Using Storyline build-in question slide, multi-choice, multi-select, fill-in-blank)
  • The passing score is 80% above, need a result slide at the end, and need to submit the result to LMS. 
  • Learners have "3 life". They need to start over if 3 questions are wrong. 

So far I have each question in a separate slide. I figure I need to make them as layers in one slide since I need a variable to track "life counts"? 

Does anybody know any tutorial or template that I can study from? Many thanks.

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Tianxuan Liu

OK. I thought about it a little more. Let's break down the problem into steps.

1. How to track player life?

I am thinking to create a number variable with a default value equal to 3. Every time player gets a question wrong, minus one. Since 10 questions are on 10 different slides, what is the scope of the variable in the storyline file? Does it work globally across all slides, or only in the slide where the variable is created? 

If Global Scope:

Trigger: Minus variable by 1 when the timeline starts on an incorrect layer in each question slide.

If Local Scope:

Then I need to move 10 questions into one slide. But can I still have multi-choice, multi-select, fill-in-blank questions?

2. How to show the retry slide when the variable is equal to 0?

To be continued...