Issue: Question Banks are getting unchecked while moving from one result slide to another.

Jul 30, 2018


I have Multiple Question Banks and Multiple Scenes that draw questions from these question banks.

At the end, Each Scene has its own Result Slide in a different scene and it calculates the results from a particular Question Bank.

For each Result slide, I checked all relevant Question Banks. Though, the checked Question Banks reverts to being unchecked when I moved to another Result slide.

I have attached the Storyline file reflecting the same issue. PFA.  


Explanation of the sample Storyline file:

1.     Created Quiz with

  • Scene 1 has 2 Question Banks.
  • Scene 2 has 2 Question Banks.
  • Scene 3:

a.     Result slide 1 – Shows score of Scene 1 questions.

b.    Result slide 2 – Shows score of Scene 2 questions.

c.     Result slide 3 – “Review” button to see all questions from both Scenes at one go.

 2.     In Result slide 1,

       On “Edit Result Slide”, selected all Question Banks from Scene 1.

3.     In Result slide 2,

       On “Edit Result Slide”, selected all Question Banks from Scene 2.

4.     In Result slide 3,

       On “Edit Result Slide”, selected all Question Banks from both
       Scene 1 & Scene 2.

5.    Copied the Review Button from Result slide 3 to Result slide 2.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Bratati,

Thanks for sharing that description and your .story file for us to take a look.

Looks like you were tracking some of the same slides twice in results slides. I'm sure this was causing the confusion.

Storyline has a feature that allows you to track 'results of results' and I believe that's what you were looking for to combine your sections.

Take a look at your updated file and see if this is what you were needing to accomplish (Slide 3.3 in particular).

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