Mulitple Question Banks and result slide grouping


I'm currently working on a course that has 3 scenes and in those scenes I have a question bank different in each (total of 3 different question banks). I also need to gather all the results slide with the other 2 question bank to have a global score.

When I'm in the result slide for after each question bank I have the Selected question check on all 3 question banks. Then I preview the course and when I get to the 2nd question bank in my 2nd scene I can't click on any of the answers. When I go back to verify my result slide in the Result Slide Properties the question bank has been unchecked somehow.

I have also tried to calculate my results using the "Selected results Slides" in the Result Slide Properties and when I go to preview the quiz portion I can go through but then I don't get a % on my result slide.

I have tried to delete the question bank and result thinking it might be a bug and I'm still getting the same issue.

I have also tried to select the "Selected result slide" of the other 2 quiz that aren't part of the of that scene and choose "Selected question" for that result slide. When I preview the course I can't select the answers and when I verify the result slide properties everything get unchecked.

Am I missing something? I have followed instructions on the page with no luck... I'm hope you have a suggestion for me.

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