how to create a password in storyline

Mar 09, 2014

hi my friends i have a course and i wanna know how to create a password to lock it so no one enter the course unless he enter a password  ? plz help

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Phil Mayor

add a text entry field as  the first slide, style it to look like a password entry set the submit button to jump to the next slide if text entry is equal to the value of your password, otherwise give feedback that it doesn't match.

For this to work you cannot use the built in menu, or at the very least need to set it to restricted.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Taha,

Seconding what was already said an adding a screen shot and a story..just in case it helps! Here, I first switched to Story View. Then

  1. Selected the first slide
  2. Clicked the Player features drop-down and chose "custom for the selected slide"
  3. Removed the checkmark from the Menu checkbox

Password for the attached file is 12345...don't tell anyone

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