how to create 'select all that apply' question

Dec 08, 2022

I'm having a problem creating a 'select all that apply' question.

I read in the forum to use a 'pick many' slide to develop the question, however, the slide form view has no 'correct' radio buttons, no 'try again' option for incorrect selections, and the slide has no 'submit' button. See the attached pick many form view image.

Here's what i want to do:  Ask the student to select all the answers that apply. The question provides 5 answers where one or two may be incorrect. If the student submits a wrong selection, there would be an 'Incorrect' layer requesting the student to 'try again'


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Jeff Conn

somehow, i guess i was working on the wrong slide. I think my problem is solved. However, can someone tell me what type of slide is in the attachment 'slide 02'? Or how i can find out the slide type?

I was able to add a 'try again' option by setting 'attempts' to more than 1.