How to disable Submit until X choices are selected

Feb 09, 2015

Hello all,

Im not sure why this is now working, but I have a normal multi-answer question created in storyline 2

There are 7 answers, choose the 5 correct ones.  I do not want to allow them to submit until 5 are selected.

I have a trigger on the checkboxes, Add 1 when the check box is clicked and state is Selected.

Subtract 1 when the check box is clicked and the state is Normal.

When I do that - and watch the variable - it always stays at 0.

The goal is to add 1 when its checked on and subtract one when its checked off.

Then only allow the submit when the variable = 5

If I remove the subtract - I can see the var go up by 1 each time its checked on.


Im sure Im just missing something stupid - any help would be great!




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