Autorun toggle that stays "on" or "off" across slides

May 16, 2019

Hi all - I'm hoping someone can offer some insight. I have a project where I would like to insert a toggle of some kind (right now I have a checkbox, it just needs to be something binary) that, when in a selected state, automatically moves to the next slide when the timeline ends. If the object is in a normal state (unchecked) then it will not automatically change to the next slide when the timeline ends. 

I would like the same object to keep its same selected state on the subsequent slides if the user has clicked it. The idea being, they can be in control of selecting whether the product automatically runs.  I've made an autorun variable that is either true or false. I made a toggle trigger using this variable for the check box. The default state of the variable is false, and the check box is in "normal" unchecked state. So if they check it, it should toggle the variable to true.

It doesn't seem to keep its state across slides, though. If I'm not mistaken - the variable will retain its value regardless of the slide, correct? So under that presumption - if the user checked the box on slide one, it would toggle the variable to true. Then on the next slide, I could add a trigger that says if the variable is true, change the state of the check box object to "selected," so that the checkbox remains checked from previous to next slide. I tried that and it doesn't seem to work. (screenshots of triggers and variable attached).

So in a nutshell - I want to provide an autorun toggle for the user, that would either be true or false, and would either make the product automatically advance or pause after each slide.

I hope this makes sense! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Walt Hamilton

Try changing this trigger:


To:  Change state of CheckBox1 to Selected when timeline (of slide) starts if AutoRun is equal to True.

The current trigger won't ever do anything, because AutoRun changes only if CheckBox 1 is checked. If the checkbox becomes selected, then AutoRun becomes true, so this trigger changes CheckBox 1 from Selected state to Selected state. (That may not be a change we can observe. If the Checkbox becomes deselected (Normal) then AutoRun changes to False, and the trigger isn't executed.

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