Check box to adjust variable

May 06, 2020

I have a checkbox on the first slide of a course that users can check for a more screen-reader friendly version (ie, no drag and drops, etc.) I change a variable (that begins as false) to true when it is in the selected state and then, later in the course, it gives different versions of the same content based on that variable being set to true. However, if I toggle it on (to selected state which is true) and then back off, it does change the variable back to false. What is the easiest way to use checkboxes to toggle between true and false?

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Walt Hamilton

The selected state has a built-in set of triggers that changes the state back and forth (toggles) each time you click it. So all you need to do is create one trigger to adjust the  variable. When you create the trigger to adjust variable, and enter the T/F variable, you get the option to toggle. Click on set, and choose toggle. The built-in magic of that trigger changes the value of the variable back and forth, just as it changes the selected state.



Complete the trigger with "when user clicks checkbox".

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