how to enable the keyboard when user click on the click text entry on touch screen devices?

Dec 16, 2015

I have taken two text entry fields, when I click on the field then keyboard is not opening on the touch screen devices, I want to show the keyboard when we click on the text entry field.

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Morgan Jacobus

Have you tried an on-screen keyboard instead?

I created the attached on-screen keyboard a few days ago.

Basically, instead of using a TextEntry object, just place a rectangular shape with a reference to a variable (in this case, I used a text variable called namefill). If you want to use my keyboard, I urge you not to change that variable. I then used a little bit of Javascript on each letter/character to create a string using whichever "key" you click.


Kate Kromer

I'm hoping Morgan or someone in the community can provide a suggestion for what I am trying to accomplish:

The Javascript keyboard idea works great for 85% of what I'm trying to do, but I'm developing an assessment on an old IBM software program (that is still in use!) where some of the standard keyboard keys actually show symbols that are different than what appears on the keyboard. I'm wondering if there's a way to use js to display the image/symbol that appears when users hit these keys. Since entries are always a combination of standard letters and these special symbols, I need to have all of the elements display (in order, as typed) into the same box that's displaying the variable reference.

Thanks, in advance, for any tips or advice!


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