Pasting variable into text entry_

Aug 11, 2015


is it possible to paste a variable into text entry box?

Parts of the correct "fill in the blank" answer are also special characters that are not always easy to find on keyboard. I am playing with idea of putting those special characters as buttons on screen and when user presses those buttons the special character is transferred into variable (trigger "adjust variable to value __ when user clicks"). That was the easy part..

Now the user clicks on the text entry field, fills out his answer - and then would like to add / paste in the above copied special character. How?

Another option would be to paste the character (while typing into text entry field) as a combination of keys on keyboard (for example ctrl+F = special character 1, ctrl + G = special character 2, ..). Not sure how would this work on tablets and on Mac/PC keyboards.

Just think of my problem as a "touch screen" keyboard - and you want users to type in "Hello world" :p

Looking forward to a HTML5 working solution (course needs to be tablet compatible). Any ideas will be appreciated.



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