How to get audio to not reset when user returns to initial slide

Mar 30, 2023

I have an object on Slide 1 that takes the user away to Slide 1.1 and then they are prompted to navigate back to Slide 1.  I would like the audio to play only the first time the user visits Slide 1, not when they come back to it.  I have followed the steps to create a T/F variable but it doesn't seem to work.  

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Tom Kuhlmann
  • Create a t/f variable: audioPlays=false
  • Create a trigger to play media (audio file) when timeline of the slide starts if variable = false
  • Create a trigger to adjust variable to true (after media plays, when they get to slide, etc)
  • When they come back to the slide, the variable should be true and the audio won't play
Amy Ziegelman

Hi there,

So overwhelmed by Storyline that I can’t find my way back to the forum. Can you help? I can get the audio to work as suggested but I’d also prefer it if, when the user returns to the slide, they see the text and buttons with no animations/triggers – just a clean landing spot at which to review info, or continue navigation if they’re “lost”.

Thanks in advance,