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Aug 25, 2019


I am having some issues with a couple slides that have video on them. I have attached one of them here. 

My issues are: (the user uses IE and Edge browser)

1) If the user selects the previous button to leave the slide, it pauses the video instead of going to previous slide. I have the correct slide trigger set up to go to previous slide.

2) While playing the video, if they move the slide back to the beginning, there is an overlap in the audio and the audio overview of this slide. I have "stop media" media set up, so not sure why this is doing it. 

3) The user would like the ability to move back and forth within the video on the slide.  
Thanks very much in advance,


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kathleen murphy

Thank you for your responses. I did have the seekbar already turned on in the original file but when I took this one slide out and made a new story, the properties didn't carry over. I took out the pause media on previous button click--I don't know why that was in there. And good suggestion for the play button not showing up until the VO is finished.  I'll see if some of these things solve the issue. Thank you!

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Kathleen. Happy to lend a hand!

It looks like you already got excellent help from Gerry (Thanks, Gerry!) in regard to this one. (Deleting the Pause Media trigger and enabling the seekbar.)

I see what you're describing in regard to the other two concerns: The overlapping audio when scrubbing back and the need to have the learner move to already watched points of the video.

Check out this quick Peek 360 video to see what I adjusted in your setup to achieve that goal. I also included the modified file below! (Special shout out to Variables!)

Let me know if that could work for you!

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