how to hide pre-assessment questions after user submits them

Jun 28, 2013


I want to give a pre-quiz and post-quiz. The pre-quiz will show the user score, but not show whether items were correct or wrong.

I have removed the pre-quiz questions from the menu, but a user could still go to the slide before the pre-quiz (I guess I could make the pre-quiz the first slide) and then move into the pre-quiz and see how they answered the first time around. Even if they don't know which ones are correct or wrong, it may give them an advantage for the post-quiz.

In short, I want to give a pre-quiz, and make it so the user cannot view those pre-quiz slides after seeing the pre-quiz results slide. They go away like they were never part of the course.



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Mike Taylor

Hi kv, one option could be to  use a variable that tracks whether or not they have previously visited the pre-quiz slides. Then the "Next" button preceding these slides could use a trigger that  checks that variable and skips them past the pre-quiz slides if they've already seen them once before. 

You could use a simple True/False variable which gets set to True when they initially view the pre-quiz slides. Then you could adjust the trigger on the next button for the slide immediately preceding the pre-quiz so that it skips them past all the pre-quiz slides when that variable = True  

Does that make sense? 

It sounds like you might also want to exclude those pre-quiz slides from your menu (if you are using it.)

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