How to hide previous information on a menu slide once user returns to slide

Hi there,

I'm trying to hide previous information (a speech bubble) that the user already knows/has read about when they return to my menu slide to select the 2nd topic. I've tried to create  a true/false variable but when I go to preview it the information still appears.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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Dave Cox

Hi Paul,

I have to do this often. I've method that works best for me is to create a variable that keeps track of my current scene. It is basically a counter. When I first enter a slide, I update the variable to my current slide number, if my current slide number is less than the value in the variable. Then when I return to a slide, I can check the variable. If the variable is greater than my current slide number, I can not display selected items. To check for first visit, make your set selections before you update the variable on each slide. 

This works well, but the downside is that you have to update the variable for each slide. If you change the order of your slides, you have to go back through and update the value on each slide for the variable.