How to indicate question numbers when using quiz banks

Nov 27, 2012

Help needed....

I have created a pool of 20 questions, for a 12 question quiz.

2 questions will appear as mandatory and there are three different banks of questions that make up the other 18 questions, which are drawn randomly.

How can I let the learner know they are up to Question 3 of 12 (as an example)

I am not showing the menu screen, as there is too much content within the module, and it takes up far too much space on the screen.


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El Burgaluva
  • Create a numerical variable (e.g. numberattempted) with base value = 1
  • Add a variable to the MasterSlide for the questions: Change value of variable:numberattempted to Add 1 when user clicks [submit] button.
  • Insert the following (in a text box) onto your MasterSlide: Question # %numberattempted% of 12.
  • If you allow the learner to retry and/or [review] the quiz, add a trigger to the [retry] and [review] buttons: Change value of numberattempted to 1 when the user clicks [that button] (otherwise the values will continue to rise!)

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