How to insert texts to match the right timeline in the video (Screen Record as a video on a single slide)?

Dec 01, 2015


It may be a very old question, but cannot find any answer in a minute. When inserting a "Record Screen" as a "video on a single slide", how could I add some instructions/Texts to match the right timeline?  Because the idea is the video can only starts to play until the learner clicks the video, and I don't want to use any trigger(like button/pause) to have the texts shown at the certain time. I think I cannot just simply add the instructions/texts by using Cue Point or at a certain timeline point as the learners will decide when to start the video by clicking the video at different paces. In this case, how do I insert the right instructions/texts to match the right timeline in the video (screen record)?  

Do I explain my question clearly? Thanks a lot in advance.

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