How to jump to a particular timeframe from one slide to another slide

Jul 16, 2018

Hi Heroes

I have a back button created on a slide (let's call this Slide B) - this function is to jump to an earlier slide (Slide A) when the user clicks on it, and this is working fine. However, I would want the back button to jump to Slide A on a particular timeframe (for example: 22 seconds), how do I do that?

Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Megan, 

Do you want the back button to only allow a user to go back to slide A when:

1) 22 seconds have passed,


2) allow it to happen automatically at 22 seconds if the user has not yet pressed the back button themselves?

For option 2, You could set a trigger to jump to slide A when the timeline of the slide B or an object on slide B with a timeline set to 22 seconds has ended. That would allow it to happen automatically. 

If you're looking at option 1, let me know what version of Storyline you're using and that would help us mock up an example for you! 

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