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Daniel Mitchell

Jumping in to say this would be more valuable than just music. This would allow me to add a delay to a CONTINUE button when sending the user to an outside resource (such as a website). I want them to NOT be able to click Continue until after a set amount of time, which they should use to navigate the outside resource. Once my set timer completes (using either a slide animation off-screen, or using a layer with its own timeline), the state of my continue button can change... This works—in theory—but as soon as the user clicks the button to launch the outside resource, all timelines pause. I need the option to turn this pause off and continue the timeline clocks.

Ren Gomez

Hi Jeremy,

No updates to share at this point, but I'd like to share some insight:

We designed Storyline to work this way since administrators don't want courses to continue to play in the background while learners are browsing other websites.

However, there are two sides to this coin, and others would like to continue playing courses to multi-task, so we'll add your name to the list of folks who've made this request and let you know if anything changes in our plans.