How to link objects to moving background?

Hi everybody,

I´m new to Storyline and I´m trying to make an interactive audio book.
So far I created my background, which is a ultrawide landscape that you can scroll to the left and right. I used the youtube tutorial from discoverelearninguk where they add the background picture to a slider. So far so good.

Now I would like to ad objects like hotspots and shapes etc. that are moving with the background. The problem is that the inserted objects stay in their original place and only my background is moving/scrolling behind them. Is there a way to link those new objects to the background so that everything is moving simultaneously?

I hope someone knows the answer because I really don´t know how to solve that problem.

Thanks in advance

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Lewin Abele

The thing is that I would like to put different hotspots on my background image that trigger different audio files. So when you scroll through my "background-landscape" you will trigger different chapterts of the audio book.
My character is an object that stays always in the same place on the screen (left half of the screen). Now you basically move the background which creates the illusion that the character is walking through the landscape.
My problem right now is, that the hotspot that triggers the first chapter doesnt move with the background and therefore will never interect with my character to trigger the audio file.