how to make impossible going to next slide

Aug 01, 2014


I guess that the problem hereunder could be solved by using variables. Would someone be so kind to help me ?

The screen in attachment shows 8 topics. Each topics send to a few slides and after having explored the slides the user comes always back to the initial screen.

I have put a first condition in order to oblige the user to visit the first, then the second, then the third screen etc.

The problem is that after visiting the first topic the user can click on 'next' and reach the next slide without having visited the 7 others topics.

How could I oblige the user to visit all the 8 topics and then to go to the next slide ?

I think that I could add a variable 'behind' the 'next' button but I don't know how to do it practically.

Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards.

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Brian Allen

I really like Michael's example for getting this done, very simple and elegant and easier to implement than using variables.

IF I were to use variables, however, I would create 8 variables all default to a value of False, and then set each variable to True when the section was visited. Your Next button would not be active unless ALL 8 variables equaled True.

With that being said, (again), I like Michael's solution of using the visited state of the buttons to control this

Chris Fletcher

The down side of doing it that way is that if you can get back to the main page without reading all of the slides in any section, the state of that button will still move to "Visited"

I tend to create a state called "Completed" and put a tick into it and set it so you can move on after their states change to "Completed". I then create a variable for each section using True/False like Brian said, and set the variable to change when the timeline of the last slide in the section starts.

That way, when you move back to the main menu, there's a tick to tell you that you've completed that section, and it will only appear if you've visited all of the slides in that section.


Scott Russell Dempster

Thanks, collective brain.  
With all of your help, I just figured out my similar issue (so ... thanks!)

I had 7 pins, each showed a layer, played the audio, closed the layer, and I wanted the "NEXT" button only to appear after all 7 had been visited.

Originally - I had the NEXT button on a layer, but that meant it prevented the last "pin" from playing, or the layer prevented the NEXT button from showing, depending on the order of my variables.

Here's how I got around it (with your help of course)

  • Each "pin" has two triggers: change state of Pin1 to "visited" and show the applicable layer
  • I set the Initial state of NEXT button to "hidden" on the base layer (that was my mistake previously - I had put the button on a new layer and it interfered with the other layers)
  • Change state of "NEXT" to normal when Pin1 and Pin2 and Pin3 (etc) are "visited"

BOOM.  Works like a charm.

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