How to make interactive Pie Charts?

Dec 30, 2015

I am trying to make a pie chart react with a slider.  Are there any examples where you can drag the slider and one portion of the pie chart will appear in a clock wise motion.  Then as you keep dragging the rest of the pie chart will appear. Thanks!

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Michael Hinze

You could create the pie chart as an object with various states that are displayed depending on the changing slider variable. Here is a (somewhat unrelated, but the basic concept applies) example that uses an object with custom states for a countdown timer. And here is a slider example that changes the state of an image object based on the slider variable. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jordan -- In addition to the suggestions and examples Michael has offered, I wanted to stop in to share a few other general ideas for interactive pie charts that you may want to consider:

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Nicholas Soldatenko

It's probably a bit late, but maybe someone else will find this useful. The best solution to adding a custom chart in Storyline that I know of is this widget: What's really great is that if you change the values of the variables, you can re-generate the updated chart.