How to make slide bg transparent

Aug 23, 2018

Does any know how to make slide bg transparent so that my previous slide content will get loaded or will be visible behind it. 



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Amey Waingankar

Dear Alyssa, 

I have a course which has menu, glossary, text and audio and a trophy page. All these needs to work as light box but I want my design for the lightbox and not the default one. So that whenever user access the menu screen he will have the previous screen loaded in the background. 

We can achieve this using master screen but I don't want to go through this method as my menu is bit complex, it has multiple branching which mean I am creating 15 layers for just menu. Than, I have glossary which will be of 26 layers, text and audio 9 layers and trophy 1 layer.

Thus, placing these many content heavy layers in master is what I think is not feasible and so I have placed them on individual screens.

Katie Riggio

Hi, The ID Guru. Thank you for walking us through what type of scenario you would use this feature!

It helps us understand the need, and I'll share the additional insight with the right team. If this gets added to a future Storyline update, we'll share the news here!

Although such an option doesn't exist right now, we'd love to take a look at your diagram to help you meet your goal. If you're able to share the project, please use this private upload link!

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