Translation import, slide master title increase in size

Jul 25, 2013


I was using the Translation import/export functionality to pass a package to our QA.

But after importing the text, the title on the slide master seems to have gained more padding.

The font size remains the same, a non standard font called Hand of Sean.

My issue is that this then forces the title background to cover up a border on the slide background.

I have got around this by making the title bg transparent, but in some cases I would like to be able to colour the title bg.

Anyone got any ideas what causes this or a way to fix it?


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Tony Chilvers

Sorry, due to client confidentiality, I am unable to share the content.

The image below is captured from both published versions.

In the top one you can see the border below the text and not in the bottom capture.

I have figured out that by careful layering I can achieve my end result with the transparent bg, but it would still be interesting to see what people had to say about what is causing it.


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