How to make Sliding Menu which displays only when we click on menu button

Feb 16, 2017

Please help me to create a sliding menu for my course. I want to have a menu button on the left of the course. When i click on that button, menu should slide from left. in the menu it should tell me that i am visiting this slide  and have already visited few slide. 

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parul khare

Actually here is my situation.

I want to create a menu which slides in when i mouse hover on menu button.

initially all slide names in the menu should be disabled.The current slide name should highlight and after the slide timeline finishes it should be in visited state.

Attached is my story file. I tried but nothing seems to work for me. Please help!!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Parul

see if this is getting to what you want.  You may need to tweak the states but I have moved the menu to the slide master.  If you have the menu separate on every slide you will need to keep updating each slide with the states etc...whereas if you have it on the master the changes are global.

Hope this helps or gives you an idea.

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