How to make storyline remember and show user's path?

Sep 07, 2012


I'm creating a presentation in geaography, starting with a map on which there are several paths to choose presented by several countries. Clicking on each country leads to a series of slides, then sends the user back to the map, in order to choose a new path. How can I make the program remember and show the paths that the user has already gone through? Is there a way to show him, on the map, the countries that he has already visited and to direct him to visit the other countries that he still hasn't visited on the map? 

Thank you!

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Bruce Graham

Hi Adi, and welcome to Storyline and the Heroes community.

Have a look at the attached .story file...

  • Change the "Menu Images" for a Map, or preferably individual country image files. Place accordingly.

  • Perhaps make the "Normal" state have a "?" over the country. Makes sense to group and save the image as one state, and then perhaps the country with a "tick mark" on it for the Completed state.

  • Make the current sections your country tracks.

You will need to play around a little with the States/Triggers, as at the moment learners will need to take them in order, but you can remove the necessity to do that, and then you will have what you need.

Hope that helps.

Once again - a warm welcome.


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