Parallel Paths

Jul 01, 2014

Hey guys,

I'm developing an eLearning containing three parallel paths:

There is a navigation slide (1.16) that gives the choice between a summary and another path. Is there any possibility to make this slide "recognize" if somenone already went through all three paths, in order to send him directly to the summary?

I hope you guys can give me advice^^



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Michael Hinze

Hi Angelica, welcome to the community.

I had done an example a while back with seven topics/paths that users can complete in any order. The last slide of each topic sets a variable, e.g. Topic1Complete to true before jumping back to the main menu.

The main menu includes a trigger that shows a Completion Layer when all seven variables are true. Instead of showing a layer this trigger could be set up to directly jump to a summary slide. Here is the published example. Hope that gives you some ideas.

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