How to make the "Completed" state of an image only show after the user view every slide in a related scene?

Jan 11, 2016


I fall in love with a medical-related template that was submitted for a challenge. It allows an user to select the section they want to review. When they return to the main menu after viewing the section, "Completed" is over the image that links to that section. The visited states is set to show "completed" when the timeline starts. If the user only views 2 out of 5 slides in that section and go back to the main menu, the image will show complete.

I was thinking if I set up variables and conditions for this trigger that would work but I don't think I set up the triggers correctly.


My goal is to have the user click on the image to get to the section. On their last slide in the section, the Next button takes them back to the main menu, which should show them completed. If the user did not view all of the slides, they can still return to the main menu but "completed" will not appear.


Is this possible?

This is the elearning course that is reflects:




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Antoinette -- Thanks so much for your question! Please bear with me if I am not understanding your question correctly, but could you please take a look at this thread on what seems to be a similar topic to me and let us know if that helps? If not, you are welcome to share your file if you'd like others in the community to take a look at how you currently have things set up. :)

Antoinette Alexander

Thank you for responding to my post, Christie!

I looked at the thread and removed the built-in "visited" state and replaced it with the "completed" state, as well as added an adjusted variable trigger from the slide back to the main menu.

I was able to open up the background template file and my course differ because the sections tabs are not shown on all of my slides and is only on slide in the first scene. Once an user click on a section in the main menu (in the first scene), they are routed to another scene. Now, if they do not complete all of the slides but go back to the main menu, it does not show that it is completed like before. YAY!!!

Now, when they actually completes the section and it goes back to the main menu, it does not show the completed state but the hover state instead.

Christie Pollick

A few other things I neglected to mention, Antoinette... 

#1 -- As I see you are new to the community, welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

#2 -- If you have design-related questions, you are also welcome to post over in our Building Better Courses forum for lots of ideas and input from others who are always happy to assist. 

And as I am not sure of your level of experience with e-learning, you may find these additional resources to be of some assistance:

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Hope that helps! :)

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