How to manage player controls on slide layers??

Hi all,

I want to have a tutorial in which the next button becomes active only when the user has listened to the whole i have done it on a slide having a base layer only by using a trigger..But on a slide having multiple layers i am unable to do it bcz:

1. When user clicks the next button all the layers are bypassed and it moves to next slide.

2. There is no option of adding/removing next button on slide layers (it is only on base layer).

What i want is that there is no next button (or it is inactive)on base layer and it should be on slide layers where it becomes active after timeline of that layer ends..any suggestions??

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asad umer

Thnx this was helpful but it i have multiple layers on the once the next button becomes active it remains active for the coming layers also??

Another problem is that i want that when user clicks the previous button it should move to previous layer and not the previous slide??

asad umer

Yes but i want that each layer is forward by the user himself when he has gone through the layer... And regarding previous Button when i add such a trigger then it is transferred to base layer instead and the action of the last trigger added is performed when the previous button is pressed..

Emily Ruby

Hi Asad,

Adding multiple triggers to the previous and next button may get a little messy if you have numerous layers to work with.  You could just copy the layer content into new slides. That might be an easier route to take to use the Prev/Next button feature. Or you could make custom Prev/Next buttons on each layer.