How to pass through "I accept" or "I decline" Storyline2 into Cornerstone LMS

Dec 22, 2015

Hi all,

Trying to figure out a way to have employees view a presentation on use of our gym, then they will need to "accept" or "decline" the Waiver of Liability for use of the gym.  Either answer will satisfy completion of the course in the LMS, but I need to be able to track or log who says accept or decline.

I'm not so good with variables, so hopefully that's not the answer!  Thanks in advance for your answers---Jeff

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jeff -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! You may want to consider the options presented here that would allow you an option to have the learner "click here to accept" the Waiver of Liability for use of the gym. Please let us know if that idea will work for you, and in case you were interested in reading up on all things Cornerstone, here is a link to a mega thread that you may find useful. :)

Jeffrey Cox

Hi Christie,

Thanks for the reply, but the links went to how to create a linear, one choice I agree button, I need the course to be "complete" whether they click "I agree" or "i disagree" but I need something to pass to the LMS as to their choice so I can track who has "agreed to the waiver" for the fitness center.

Christie Pollick

Thanks for the clarification, Jeffrey! Unfortunately, there is not an option for a question to have more than one correct answer without having to select all possible correct answers. It's been something that other users have shared in the form of a feature request. 

I can continue searching to see if I am able to locate a workaround you can use, as I feel I have encountered a very similar question to what you are asking, but in the meantime, I will need to defer to the community to chime in and share their ideas. 

Bill Kelleher

This may get a little more difficult to track depending on the LMS (CSOD should work), but you could set up a True/False question that has a result slide a minimum passing score of 20%.

Then in the points column of the T/F question, set the points to 8 for the true answer (agree) and 2 points for false (disagree). You will be able to meet the minimum passing score and get a completion, and then you can track the score for agree/disagree (25% for disagree, 100% for agree). A little inelegant, but it gets the job done.

(You could alternatively do this with 0%, 0 and 1, and 0%/100%)

Allie Munro

On the same direction as what Bill recommended I did something similar. I created a freeform knowledge check. There is two buttons both are "Agree" and they sit on top of each other. I only display the proper button if the user meets the condition of reading the agreement. This is then tracked to the LMS as a question which can be set to complete/incomplete/

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