Survey Questions - combination answers

I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to build a series of survey-like statements where the user will choose Accept or Decline.  If the user chooses Accept, they are taken to the next statement.  If they choose Decline, I need a way for a text box to appear so they can enter free form text to explain why they decline. 

I have tried triggers, lightboxes, additional questions and branching and it's all clunky.  Am I missing something simple or is this not really possible without a great deal of workarounds and clunky reporting?

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Sandra Lowe

Thanks so much!  You took the same direction I did logically.  So we are thinking the same way.  The navigation doesn't quite work though.  In both our examples.  I have triggers written so if a user chooses accept, the questions is submitted and then jump to the next question (slide number identified in trigger - not just "next slide").  If the user chooses decline, the trigger jumps them to a new essay quiz question to enter their response.  They essay question is submitted and then the user is supposed to be taken to the next statement.  I may try to lorem ipsom out the details and publish to Articulate Review so you can see.  Is there something in the Submit action that automatically forces navigation to the 'next' slide overwriting anything in a trigger?