How to pause audio when working with layers that are visible to each other

Nov 21, 2017

I'm working on a project that has layer buttons on the base slide. These buttons reveal a layer that has content and audio relating back to that layer button. When a user clicks on the layer button, a layer with content and audio appears. The content will appear on its own layer and to the right of the layer button, revealing the base layer. (Each layer has its own audio.)I'd like those layer buttons to show on all layer so you can display the visited state for that layer.

However I have audio for each layer. I'd like the audio for the previous layer to stop once the user selects a button for the next layer. I'm having issues with this, can you provide some guidance? I'm sure its an easy fix yet my brain is not working today.

By the time the user is done, I would like all objects on each layer to be displayed and the buttons to show a visited state.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lissbeth,

Thanks for including those screenshots--that was really helpful.

I'm thinking the easiest way to accomplish what you're looking to do is to put the definitions on the base layer with an initial state of Hidden, and reserve the slide layers for audio only. That way you can use the "Hide other slide layers" setting to pause the audio each time a new layer is opened. 

Are you able to share the slide here in the thread? If so, I'll create a quick demo for you to show you what I mean!

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