How to prevent sound overlap when navigating through the menu

Aug 30, 2016


I have created a lesson with multiple slides. Whenever a slide starts its title (which comprises of 2 separate audio files, & the second file is programmed to play after the first file is complete) voice-over plays through a trigger. Problem arises when I switch back and forth between slides from the Menu.

Here is what happens:

1-If I switch from slide 1 to Slide 2 (slide 1 voice-over still playing) Slide 1 voice-over stops and slide 2 voice over starts to play.

2-If I go back from Slide 2 to slide 1 from the menu, the previous voice over from Slide 1 continues from where it left, and gets mixed up with the slide 1 voice-over which starts all over again.


Is there any way to stop the voice over of other slides from playing when the user switches slides from the player menu? 



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