how to print a course

Feb 27, 2014

hi friends i  wanna know how to print  a course or slide?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Taha,

Are you looking to print the whole course for your review or to allow your users to print out a course? If you'd like to print out a version for review, you may want to publish for Word and then print that version.  If you'd like your users to print out a screen, there is some discussion in this thread about a Javascript button. 

Patti Young

What I do is I publish to word, remove any quiz answers and save as a PDF then add that as a printable resource on the player (when I want the user to print the entire course and the content doesn't change or isn't specific to the user). Then if I want to have the user print a slide, I add a print button to that slide such as when there is a document they need to sign physically and send in to human resources or another time like that. The links that Ashley shared are helpful for taking either action.  

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