How to provide 2 different menu for bilingual courses ?

Jan 29, 2014

Dear Team,,

I have created SL with 2 scenes, 1 for english and 1 for Arabic and i have achievied language selection through the first slide and adding triggers to navigate to the scene for the choosen language, but however i see the menu part is messed up, as they can see the menu options created for the other lanuages as well

Is there any way i can achieve there are 2 menu's available for 2 different scenes in a single project ?

This is to ensure they dont see the menu options for arabic when they select english language and vice-versa.

Please adivse & appreciate your help

Thanks & Regards


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Thanuja Chandrashekar

Hi there, i already went through this template in the forum and this does not meet my requirement. As this does not have menu that lists all the slides in the module . It only says english and spanish on top to choose the language and does not list names of the slides what the english or spanish course has inside.

what i want is for the users to be able to navigate on the menu and click and jump to which ever slide they need for both english and arabic language... the moment they choose english lanuage they should not be able to see anything related to arabic language on the MENU .

Thanks for your support, please advise is there is any way to achieve the above objective.



Till Then


So your looking to have two menus!

Perhaps one way to do this could  to create the menu yourself in Storyline. It would be a little complex (depending on how large your course is). Your menu would be it's own layer or slide. One for English and one for Arabic. This would give you complete control over the appearance of your custom menu.

Another method that I tried was creating a menu that used variables as the page titles. The page title was updated based upon the language selected by the learner.  Then you could have layer for each language on each page (rather than two scenes). Sounds like a good idea right? Well of course this worked on the page but not on the menu. 

Hope you figure it out!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sudhendu! This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure that Thanuja is still subscribed. You are welcome to reach out to the user directly via the Contact Me option on the user profile if you wish. I'm sure someone in the community will be able to assist you if you could share some information about what you are trying to accomplish.

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