How to publish from another machine?

I have a story file that I am all of a sudden not able to publish from my computer. So it is crucial that we publish it from another machine for now. The problem, it has multiple places throughout the course where users can open file attachments by clicking hotspots. These files are in Dropbox, but when we open/publish the story file from another computer, the links no longer work. I'd prefer not individually switching the path on all the attachments since this will cause the links to not work on the first machine. Is there a way to maintain this integrity?

The immediate priority, one way or the other,  is publishing from the other machine for now, so any advice on getting it over is appreciated.

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Phil Mayor

I think the problem is you are linking to the files on the special dropbox folder on your machine.  When you publish that on the machine with the special folder they will work but would not work when put on the inernet/intranet.  You really need to open the dropbox website and link to the web address, not the file location in the folder (because this is actually on your machine)

Bob Roberts

Well, this has less to do with being Dropbox and more about publishing local files from another computer, especially since I don't want to open up my Dropbox to anyone who might publish this. I was hoping there was some package feature where I could send all the source files to the other computer and be able to publish there. Is there any way to do something like this or do we need to hunt through the story file to find all attachments and change the path? If that's the answer, is there any easy way to make sure I find all the links to the attachments?

Phil Mayor

If they are attachments they are actually stored in the storyline file and not on your machine as in presenter.  So there is no need to package the files.

If they are links that you intend opening when published from dropbox, I dont think you have connected the links correctly, as the link will not change from machine to machine.