How to Reset Quiz After Clicking Try Again

I have a few different quizzes in my course, they are all set up the same:

When the Incorrect slide layer appears, I have renamed the Continue button to "Try Again". The trigger is set to jump to the same quiz slide. Under properties, the base layer and slide layers have been set to "Reset to initial state" when revisiting.

The Multiple Choice quiz and Word Drag and Drop quiz work fine; meanwhile, the Matching Drag and Drop, and Sequence Drag and Drop freeze up and don't reset - you simply can't move any of the parts.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I might do to troubleshoot/fix?


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Nathan Greener

Thanks for being willing to help out!

I am working on a pilot orientation course, trying to show off as many features as possible of Storyline.

Quizzes on 3.2 and 5.2 appear to work fine

Quizzes on 2.2 and 4.2 won't reset after failing and clicking "Try Again"

As I say, the only difference I can see between the slides is that the type of quiz is different.

Hope you spot something the problem!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing the file here - and I see the behavior you're referring to, and my first thought is if there is a reason you're not using the built in "try again" option? You could set that up to allow the user to have as many attempts as you'd like and it would automatically bring them back to this slide to retry.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nathan,

You can always ask as many questions as you want. :-)

For that one, I'd look at using a variable on the "name box" layer - and then adjusting your trigger to show the layer based on the condition of the variable. So for example, on the "name box" layer - set up a variable and trigger to adjust the value of "nameboxcomplete" from initial value of false to true when the layer starts or the user clicks continue (just make sure that is before the hide layer trigger). Then change the trigger on your base layer to show the layer "name box" when the timeline starts if the variable "nameboxcomplete" is equal to False. That way the user would only see it the first time through. 

Daniel Servan


I have the same problem here and I don't have a solution.
What I'm doing is to set the quiz as Reset to Initial State and on Try Again button, I reload the quiz.
This method is working but during on Review Quiz, the quiz doesn't display what I've answered and it all reset.

Any Solution for this?

Thanks and regards,

Henrik Clausen

This is an old thread, but I have a similar question (I'm using Storyline 2):

In a drag'n'drop quiz, I want to give the user a couple of extra attempts. That largely works - but the drag items remain on their drop destination when retrying, where I'd prefer them to be back where they started, so the retry is a fully fresh start.

It looks like that option has been there (see response from "rex mor"), but I can't find it. Any clues?

Tamara Haynes


I am having a similar issue and cannot figure out how to resolve it.

I have a quiz scene with 3 questions. The user can access the quiz scene from the main menu.

The user can go through the quiz just fine with several attempts to get the answer correct. On the results slide the user is given their Results and an option to do one of the following:

Option 1 -  Retry Quiz: This would take them back to the beginning several times without issue. All answers reset themselves without issue and the score also resets itself without issue.

Option 2 - Review Content: This button would take the use back to the content to review from a different scene external from the quiz.

Option 3 - Go Home: This just returns the user to the main page to end the course.


The issues I am having are with Options 2 and 3. If a user clicks outside of the quiz to review content or go back to the main menu they will run into an issue if they try to then navigate back to the quiz again to retake.  What happens is, the user clicks on Option 2 or 3 and on the main menu, clicks Take Quiz.  Once the quiz is started all the previous answers are frozen and the next/back buttons are present at the bottom of the screen. It is almost like the user is able to review the previous answers and click through this until we get back the results slide. At the results slide, you then click Retry Quiz and the quiz magically resets.

I need to make the QUIZ cleared for retrying the quiz no matter if the user clicks Retry Quiz or if the user clicks the Take Quiz button from the main menu scene.


Can anyone assist?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tamara!

The Reset Results trigger will automatically reset the quiz questions, and you won't need to use the "Reset to Initial State" setting in Slide Properties. 

Add the Reset Results trigger to any button or slide that the learner will visit just before retaking the quiz, and that should do the trick. However, keep in mind that you don't want to reset the quiz results unless you're sure the learner wants to retake the quiz. Otherwise, the learner's score will be 0% in the LMS. 

Gil Design

How do I set it up so that after SUBMIT, users can Continue with the quiez (no re-set but continue)?

I have drag-and-drop. I have SUBMIT button. If user does NOT drag all items to correct place AND then user click SUBMIT - I want the system to say' continue' AND go back to the quiz, allowing user to continue.

I have all that set, but what happens is when user goes back to continue try, the system freezes, and user cannot continue drag and drop.

Storyline version 3.

Attached file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gil,

Thanks for sharing your file - but I'm not sure this is the right one. 

I tested it and noted that: 

  • There is no try again layer, even though you have set it up for 3 attempts. That layer is automatically created when you add a try again layer and will bring you back to the slide (although the design is not to reset the slide so that the user can see how they previously answered and modify) 
  • I saw that the drag items were set up to snap back to the start if dropped incorrectly, so I can never see your "Incorrect layer" to try again. 

I was able to successfully drag all items and then see it noted as correct.

So let me know if you can double check the file you shared, and happy to take another look at it. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gil,

Since I wasn't clear on what you were looking to accomplish based on this setup, I didn't make those changes to your file. The "Try Again" layer is automatically created when you have more than one attempt, so I'd look at recreating that slide and using the built-in settings/options first. 

Let us know if you get stuck and we're happy to take a look at a new copy of your .story file again!