How to restart audio?

Hi... i have a menu where i can access some slides. In this slides, a piece of audio starts with the slide.

When i press menu, and from the menu, return again to the slide, the audio continues where I left and does not restart. 

In the button menu i have a trigger stopping the media audio

And i have a trigger in the slide playing the media audio.

In flash works fine but in html5 does not.

Can you help me to restart the audio everytime the slide starts?


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Juanjo Haro

I'm using Google Chrome basically, i've tried Firefox and  Explorer but the course does not work... and in Ipad, is an Ipad 1 with ios 5.1.1 and Safari

I put a stop media and a  play media  at the beginning of the timeline but i do not if this is the correct solution and want to know if there is any better solution.

Thanks for help!