How to retake a non-linear quiz

Hi Heroes!

I am using Storyline 360 and have quiz questions scattered throughout 4 different scenes in my course. The quiz result slide works fine, except if I click "Retake" then it takes me to the first question, but just the next slide after that and not the next quiz question.

Is it possible to retake a quiz when the questions are scattered throughout the course?

Thanks in advance!

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Matthew Bibby

Sure, you just need to set up some conditional navigation.

Create a True/False variable called RetakingQuiz and set it to False by default.

Then when the user clicks the Retake button, change the RetakingQuiz variable to True.

Then, on the Next button for each quiz question change your triggers so they look like this:

Go to Next Slide when the User Clicks Next if RetakingQuiz is False.

Go to Slide Whatever when the User Clicks Next if RetakingQuiz is True.