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Darrell Sangrio

Hi Thachakorn,

If you’re referring to numbering the questions drawn from your question bank so that your learners can see their amount of progress, you might want to check this article about Inserting Slide Numbers.

I also want to share with you this pretty great discussion that might be a big help for you:


Hope this helps!

Lejan Ocampo

Hi Tachakorn,

Looking at the icon of the storyline you have and it appears that you're using Storyline 3 and not 360 and from what I've seen, the slide number option is not available in SL 3.

I attached a screenshot for SL 3 and SL360 below.

I hope this clears things up.

Lejan Ocampo

Hi Thachakorn,

Happy to help. From what I found out, this feature is only exclusive to Storyline 360 and the only way I see to add numbers on every slide on SL3 is to do it manually by adding a text box for each slide.

You can also check this table to have a great overview comparison between Storyline 360 and other Storyline versions.