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Aug 12, 2013

I need to create an assessment for several audiences who use a particular software.  Of the 10 or so tasks they could possibly do, each person may do as few as 1 or any combination up to 10. Here are my thoughts: Present the learner with a question: "Do you do task A?"  If they answer Yes they must show they know it, but if they answer No they jump to the next one.  THis would be repeated for each task. At the end they would be evaluated based on the tasks they answered Yes to... but the No's would be ignored.  I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to accomplish this...  thanks!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Deb! Are you only creating the assessment or is there also content that goes along with it? Displaying only the questions for the tasks that were answered "Yes" is pretty straight forward. One way would be to use a variable for each task and then set a trigger for each question slide that automatically advance past to the next one if they didn't answer "Yes".

Depending on how you want it to work the scoring might take a little consideration to get that to work right.  Do you just need to know if they pass or fail or do you want to report a specific score?

deb creghan

Mike - This is just an assessment. I was able to use variables and triggers but can't figure out how to score the overall assessment correctly.  It seems like the user is assigned zero when they answer no ... which is not what I want.

Here's an example:

Task 1: user answers Yes

Task 2: user answers No- and answers question(s)

Task 3: user answers No

Task 4: user answers Yes- and answers question(s)

Task 5: user answers Yes- and answers question(s)

I can use separate scenes for each task, and have 5 results slides, but I can't figure out how to get the final results slide to ignore the No's instead of treating them as though the learner's score is zero. 

Any ideas are appreciated!

Mike Taylor

Deb, I've been playing around with this a little bit and have sketched out this very rough demo that does what I think you are looking for?

The initial screen captures which tasks are applicable via a true/false variable for each task. (Yes=True, No=False)

Each question is set to automatically be skipped if the associated task isn't relevant. (It was a "No" on the initial screen.)

The final part evaluates two things for each task:  1.) Was it relevant? ("Yes" on the initial screen and 2.) Did they pass? (In this case, Score>80%)  If ALL relevant task questions are passed,then the course is passed and if ANY relevant task questions are failed, then the course is failed.

deb creghan

Sorry Mike... it's been a crazy couple of days.  My bad on the example - sorry. A learner would only answer a question if they answered Yes to doing it.  Your evaluation of relevance is interesting.  I think this will do what I want and I will play around with it tomorrow. I truly appreciate your ideas. I will let you know my results!

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